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Wedding Set up & Styling

This is perfect for couples who just need an extra pair of hands on the day. 

Once all the planning is done, couples often spend the last few days passing jobs out to friends and family members who should be enjoying the day as guests. This is often because venues often wont tier cakes or liaise with vendors to put hire items in the correct place.

With this plan, Gemma will meet with you to review your design ideas, check table plans, collect your decorations, and arrange everything exactly as you picture it at your venue. We will also be in contact with suppliers as they arrive, making sure that tables are correctly laid and floral arrangements and centre pieces are in the right place, and continue to be on-hand to transport everything between your venue sites where needed. Gemma will then organise the return of any hired items, leaving you and your guests to carry on enjoying the celebration!

.£350 +

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