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Sympathy Price Guide

There is never a good time to hear that a loved one has passed away, but it is important you are able to send your sympathy tributes to the family, friends or undertakers to say your thoughts are with them at what is most certainly a difficult and stressful time. We understand the importance of sensitivity and the need for everything from the ordering process to the safe and secure delivery of the order to be seamless and stress-free.

There are many types of Funeral and Sympathy flowers to choose from, and we are here to make your choice as stress free as possible.

Can't see what you're looking for? This is just a quick overview of what we offer and by no means our limit....

Call or email today to tell us your requirements today!

**Please note that all prices below are 'From' and can differ depending on individual requirements and seasonality


Small Single end Spray  £45.00

Medium Single end Spray  £60.00

Large Single end Spray  £70.00

Small Double Ended Spray   £50.00

Medium Double ended Spray £65.00

Large Double ended Spray  £75.00


Small Sheaf  £35.00

Medium Sheaf   £45.00

Large Sheaf  £55.00

Coffin/Double Ended Spray

4ft  £148.00

5ft  £185.00

6ft  £222.00

Wicker Casket Garland  £150.00

Funeral Bouquet

Small  £20.00

Medium  £30.00

Large  £40.00


Classic Based Cushion £60.00

Loose Base Cushion  £65.00

Classic Based Pillow   £85.00

Posy Pad

Loose posy £45.00 / £55.00 / £75.00

Based Posy £40.00 / £50.00 /£60.00

Heart Pad

Loose Heart £80.00

Classic Heart  £75.00

Conjoined Heart  £140.00


Loose Wreath £50.00/£70.00/£85.00

Classic Based £45.00/£65.00/£80.00

Woodland biodegradable  £90.00


Funeral Basket£45.00


Loose or based Cross

2ft from £70.00

3ft from  £100.00

4ft from  £130.00

5ft from  £160.00

Biodegradable from:  £50.00


Gates £130.00

Open Book  £100.00

Teddy  £95.00

Butterfly  £130.00




Based Letters £45.00 each

Loose Letters £55.00 each

Bespoke design, Vegetable tribute, unusual funeral

Bespoke Design


Please enquire with requirements

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